Tuesday, 20 May 2014

We'll Always Have Paris

Another little bit of starter writing from the group. The title this time was "We'll always gave Paris". It's silly, but hopefully fun : )

"We'll always have Paris"
That's what he said,
Lighting a cigarette,
Sprawled on my bed.

Glistening with sweat,
His muscles like rock,
A thin trail of hair,
Leading down to his -

"You like what you see?
Are you up for some more?
One last time baby,
Hop in, shut the door"

My God, he's an arsehole,
An arrogant prick,
A vain motherfucker
Who thinks with his dick.

We'll always have Paris?!
I remember it well,
Him eyeing up women,
Gee, it was swell.

And the night he disappeared
With a woman called Pam,
Said he'd fancied a walk,
Went to Notre - Damn,

He's an arse,
He makes me see red,
Without thinking, I grab it,
And head to the bed.

His smirk disappears,
He soon starts to cower,
A firm blow to his head,
With my souvenir Eiffel Tower.

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